1Polycarbonat Filter
We distribute products of the company Wathman in the range of the percolation technology.
If cellulose -, nylon -, PTFE -, or but polycarbonat - membranes, we offer all diameters and porosities bulks.

Polycarbonat Filter
Nuclepore polycarbonat filter get produced out qualitative high grade PC - membranes, and draw itself by an extreme flat and fine surface out. the porosities bulk is exactly defined and provides through them a relative high river advise in a very width temperature range Whatman PTFE filter are inert and chemical stable towards aggresive organical solutions, strong acids and bases. Optimal also to rehearsing preparation with HPLC - analyses.



PTFE and Nylon Filter
The filter membranes out nylon are suitable as to percolation of watery solutions and are constant against the most organical solvent. The filter can be sterilized at 121°C.
Ancillary of the width palette to filtering, we offer also a great selection to utility and aids to. Filter systems for the microtiter plates, filter, or prefiltercartridges , rehearsing preparation filter and chromatography - papers for only to name some applications.

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